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The heart of the operation. This is where we cook up our concepts, logos, graphics, stories and visuals. Meet our chefs and get a feel for how we like to spice things up.

Our secret recipe


At Studio GAAR we really want to get to know you. As our aim is always to understand our clients and their stories, we invest in creating visual stories for your brand that set a clear path in to the future. We're happy that this leads to long-lasting relationships.


Experience taught us which ingredients mix well, how best to prepare and present them on the plate. But, cooking what you know never led to innovative recipes. Throwing stuff together we think *might* combine well, while blending, sautéing and flambeing it in unexpected ways, leads to surprising insights and concepts.


Once we nailed down the perfect recipe, the perfect means of preparation and the best way to serve it on the platter, we deliver it to our clients. Turns out chocolate sprinkles really *do* taste good on peanut butter. Let us be your chocolate sprinkles.


Our qualified chefs

Vincent Rikkers
Founder, Creative Director
Wendy Dekker
Senior Designer
Shane McAuley
Tim Keen
Business & Sales

Optiver logo
Headhunterz logo
Basic Fit logo
Conservatorium Haarlem logo
Hardwell logo
Cloud9 logo
Sportways logo
Revealed logo
Liebe Leute logo
Art of Creation logo
Stagent  logo
Armin van. Buuren logo
Kalvijn logo
Brandbase logo
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We're happy to cook something up for you
Get in touch and we'll fire up the grill