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Altijd Larstig & Rob Gasd'rop

Full force ahead


On a scale of one to ten, Altijd Larstig & Rob Gasd'rop always score a 'blow the roof off'. Slaloming between schlagers, guilty pleasures, hard hits and bangers, they will take their crowd to beery heights and unexpected lows. With over 9 million streams and several mainstages on their resume, Altijd Larstig & Rob Gasd'rop consistently break the sound barrier and leave no room for good behaviour.

What we helped with

We were asked to update the visual branding, future-proofing the identity while developing a versatile set of graphical and animated elements to be used in various outings. Go crazy, they said. And we did. How sure are we about adding more than enough graphical elements and textures? Not quite.


Much fun. So wow. Very zebra. Add some tiger. While the main brand relies heavily on the colour juxtaposition of black, white, magenta and turquoise, the overal design elements lend themselves very well to carry the brand over to mix and match with associated brands, artists and events.


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