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AOC: Eternity

Legends of the past, present and future


The future calls for a visionary approach. Aiming to present the scene with a singular mindset, Art of Creation has forged a new imprint: Eternity. It provides a platform for talented individuals and a chance to grow closer to the family. Connected to Art of Creation’s values, the sublabel holds the same artistic intimacy and aspiration to deliver high-quality Hardstyle.

What we helped with

Our challenge was to define a brand that was in close relation to the main Art of Creation brand, while still establishing its own position in the hardstyle music landscape. A sublabel that used the visual language we developed for the main label in a whole new visual way.


While the main labels' defining element is gold, choosing silver as the defining element for the sublabel would sell the budding artists short - it would imply second place. In stead, we took gemstones as a main visual element, combining it with the AOC alphabet and the ancient futuristic setting.


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